Randal, plain and simple

Better days

¶ My poetry blog here at Mataroa didn’t long keep its shape. (I should change the name and subtitle.) On Chris’s streams installation, I just didn’t take it forward. Maybe poetry has seen better days. With me, it’s become quite hit-and-miss, now and then.

¶ I like the pilcrow (paragraph symbol at the beginning of this line). It gets you off to a new thought.

¶ The word for first-fruits in Portuguese is primícias. A dictionary says it’s always in the plural. That sounds biblical to me.

¶ Today I authorized the printing of the nine lessons delivered at our Festival 2024 back in March, after receiving the proof copy. It’s a small book, 75 pages, and its style is outline or the type of short points that speakers use, but it ought to serve a good purpose.

¶ This is not a 7-points post, by the way. They still go on the tiddlyhost spot.

¶ I used to use YT as shorthand for Yours Truly, to refrain from the first person singular, before the days of YouTube. Now I’m without a substitute.

¶ Gratitude cures many an ill.

¶ Nostr is cool, if you’re into Bitcoin, and even if you’re not. But, at the moment, not many other subjects get traction.

¶ Brazilians love commas, seem to have an aversion to periods. Some cultural thing.

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