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Where Obsidian wins over TiddlyWiki for me

What do I, as a non-technical person, like about Obsidian, over TiddlyWiki? Here's a quick list. Maybe later I'll think of more things.

  • Auto-save, doesn’t multiply backup copies.
  • Some functions are easier to find.
  • Plugins are easier to locate and install.
  • Lots more themes. (Just installed Bolt and Border, both quite nice.)
  • Easier for the non-technical person to use.
  • Separate files, not one huge file. (Maybe one file is an advantage?)
  • Less visual distraction, even with all its options.
  • Has Bible plugins, which I should learn how to use.
  • Curly quotes. Big deal for me. Was never able to get those in TW.

One thing I much prefer in TW:

  • Markdown numbering system uses a hashtag, and the list numbers automatically. So it’s easy to switch items around. Guess you can do that in Obsidian, however, by using 1. on every line, but it looks weird.

This list was written first in Obsidian.

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