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Training to focus on personal evangelism

Women and men will meet again at the Oikos Center, near SJCampos, for the second training session: “Imitating Jesus” on May 30th. The date is a national holiday.

The theme of the event is “Personal Evangelism”.

The event starts at 8 am with breakfast and ends at 5 pm.

The six 40-minute messages on the day will cover the following topics:

  1. Biblical Base: Breaking paradigms
  2. Identifying and seizing opportunities
  3. Workshop: Teach this
  4. How to conduct the study: good tips
  5. Teach others to evangelize
  6. Workshop: The steps of salvation

All five speakers have confirmed. I will be teaching the two workshops (#3 and #6).

The objectives of this training are three:

  • Instruct biblical principles on personal evangelism.
  • Motivate participants to start evangelizing.
  • Teach content and techniques for effective evangelization.

There will be planned activities for children as well.

For one-day events, food is not provided by the camp organization. So we've asked for an estimate from the team that served us so well during the Festival. The price per adult person for the location is R$40.00 (about US$8). Meals will run at least US$10-12. We hope to lower the cost a good bit, with the help of some friends.

Last year 120 people participated. We hope to have as many for this session.

Last year, Rodrigo Silveira from the city of Campinas approached me to help him with this project. We are working together on this one as well.

Here's how you can help:

  • Pray for the success of this event. Your prayers make a difference.
  • We are looking for subsidies for the cost of the venue to make it as easy as possible for participants. If you or your congregation would like to support this work in any way, contact us.
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