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Walking for spiritual health

In her book, A Daily Dose of God's Word, Ruby Ramsey wrote for Feb. 11 about how to improve one's spiritual health by walking. The New Testament uses the figure of walking for progress in spiritual matters. She gave seven ideas about walking with accompanying texts.

  1. Walk in Christ, Colossians 2.6-7.
  2. Walk in truth, 3 John 3-4.
  3. Walk in good works, Ephesians 2.10.
  4. Walk as Christ walked, 1 John 2.5-6.
  5. Walk in love, Ephesians 5.1-2.
  6. Walk in light, Ephesians 5.8.
  7. Walk in wisdom, Ephesians 5.15-16.

Then she ended with an eighth idea: Walk to please God, 1 Thessalonians 4.1-2.

She ended by saying, “Walking like this is important for your spiritual health ─ and your very soul!”

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