Randal, plain and simple

Why I write

R. Birming answered for himself the question of why he writes, and then asked his readers to reply as well. So here goes.

In my introduction on Chris's streams instance, I said that “Blood is mixed with ink.” By that I meant that it seems to be a part of my nature to write. It's a part of the thinking process. Perhaps it's a stretch to say: "I write, therefore I am," but maybe not far off.

  • It serves a need in me, and for others, at times.

  • It's a way to ─ I disdain the word, but here it is ─ connect with others.

  • Not all readers write, but it's not an illogical step from one to the other. I don't read as many books as I once did, but the Bible and reference works are always at hand.

  • Explaining things has acquired a bad name, but writing is a means of ─ in the widest possible meaning of the term ─ evangelizing. Everybody is an evangelist of some sort, even if to recommend keeping to oneself.

  • Writing is warfare with self, the engagement of mind against words. Or, to mix metaphors, the mind is the vastest of oceans; writing is seeking and guiding the ship to port.

  • Turning to blogging specifically, not unlike a journal, it serves as a register, a journey ─ which is what I called my offline journal for years. It shows me where I have been and just perhaps allows me to recruit some fellow travelers along with way to join with me.

Somewhere in all of that is at least one reason for me to write.

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